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23 September 2010

why suddenlysuddenly i am crying ?

i dun know why,but suddenly i am starting to crying.feel like i dun wanna lose any of my sygness !dun noe,dun noe if i can still smiling if my sygness is gone.haishh mintak2 la jgn ade ape2..

i dun wanna feel the loosing pain anymore.ckup la mase mama pergi tuh aku da rase betapa seksa nyee rase khlgn.aku tanak rase ag perasaan tuh.dear ALLAH,lindungilah semua insan yg saya sayangi !jgn ambil mereka dr sy !jgn ambil kesayangan2 sy ini dari sy !i cant bare to losing them !i am starting to cry back :'((

tah la apasal mood awne mcm sentap dye lebey sgt !haishh !i dun noe,i dun noe and i dun noe !mcm mane yer ??macam mane yerr klu dy pergi ?org yg salu kite neok ari2,yg salu teman kita ary2,yg salu ade dgn kite bila kit eperlukan tibe2 lenyap !wuishh !ape aku pk ne ?da la,lisa dun think abt it anymore yerr !

but,aishh !if 1 day im gone,i wish dat he will get a sum1 that is much way better than me !myself !i wanna see him happy !more happy than he was with me..hmm !he maybe dun noe how much i love him,but to be truth,no words can show n prove how much i really love himself ! :'(

im always pray for him !and i hope he will always fine !GOD,do take care of take care of my friends !i dun have anybody !i only have them !i dun wanna lose them seriusly ! :(

awak pun ! :(
da lame ta jumpe fyna :(
syaz was in KL,cepat balik,aku risau doe kat ko ! :(

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