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10 October 2010

thank you my sygg !

i knoe u always be mine !tq 4 evrythg !
tq 4 da happiness and everythg u had gave to me and tq 4 being my sunlight of my eyes !
u should saving sygg !next 4 years, we can get married aiyt ?
maklong paklong and everyone wanna see us tghter so eagerly tawu ta ?
*eeyyyuwww !bahaha

today ily more,tomorow ily more than yesterday,the next day i realise that everyday my love for u is like damn hell !everyday ily more and more sygg ;')
every tears dat drop from my eys is worth it syg !heee.

*tasangka jb ne kecik sgt.pusing2 sdare ko dtg beraya uma sdare aku !haha !SNAP !!

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