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06 January 2011

since when i became to be like this?!

i want to sleep with u.
i dun meant have SEX!
i meant sleep, TOGETHER!
under my comfy blanket, in my bed.
with my hands lay on ur chest.
and ur arm around me.
so its chilly and we have to cuddle closer.
no talking, just blissfully happy, silence.

nothing, it is nothings.. just i miss your morning kisses, i miss your warm hugs! i miss to hold ur hand! i miss ur touch! i miss all that.u dun noe how much im missing all that so bad, missing our memories missing u in front of my eyes :'(

to be far from u, it is totally killin me!we're too close to gettin far from each other. duhh! im going crazy if everyday im like this dude! i cant, i cant! its just soooooooooooo empty without you! :'(((

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