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19 February 2011

sorry my baby, thats all i can say :(

i noe it was my stupiest mistake by telling him abt u. but i never expect that he could tell other about this! but things had just happen, and i swear im really sori for this. mmg dy ta salah, it was my fault to let him noe abt this. i admit it, and it was my fault. im sory again :(

tahu klu ckp sori and mntak maap cmner pun xkn ubah pape, tp still na appologize for evrythg dat happen. ta ley na wat pape la, tsangke bnde ley jadi cmnih teruknye. da fyna tchg. honestly i cant see u like this :'( swear to GOD i fell so guilty towards her, my oh my :'(  yes, i deserve for everything that she did to me :(

wont contact her until everythings fine. die mmg tgh tocher, and im sory for that. she woldnt have to face this alone but im the one kan yg silap. da dy alone to face all this. tp tape laa, mgkin klu skrg cakap2 or ape2 gn dy nty dy ag tocher. so just let her be dulu. bg masa utk dy oke.

aku syg kau taw fyna, jgn mcm nih. aku bg kau oke dulu lahh nty baru aku carik kau. klu ko na carik aku bila2 pun bile. tp klu aku na carik kau bia tgu kau oke dlu lahh. but pliss, dun say u udn wanna be frens with me anymore, aku sentap kau thu??ta bley dgr ko ckp cmtuh :( sedeyh sumpah sedeyh!
tc always my pretty baby :')

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