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20 March 2011

because u were always be my baby boo :)

happy 1 year, 11 months my sweetie manja boo! haha walau awak jauh dimata namun dihati ttap jua kau dkat di aty ini. bahahha pesal lah? anyway im happy to be with u! thank you for everything. may our relationship will be last forever, i'Allah aminnnnn :) i noe we pray for that!

i still love u like before though we're kept fightin each day but i noe deep in oour heart we love each other truli much kan? hehe! im gonna wait for u syg, im promises! no matter how long, i will forever keep on waitingtingtingtong! haha love u baby :)

afiq akmal, u're mine forever!! hahaha

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