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29 May 2011

best layan cte nih, hii!

baru je after watched this movie kat hbo td. aww its just so sweet, very sweet. well, im ust love to watch love story but this story is just sweet enough i guesss, thumbs up. tp ade gak part mleweyh die.

while watching, bley ternanges :'( knape? sbb kite ingt kat afiq kite lahh, tibe2 rndu die, mcm ta cayer dy da jao.. ksian sgt dgr dy call td, sore die. sore dy da ta happy cm slau crte pasal hostel dy, huwaa sedih lahh :(

tp kite tahu cmne pun awk bley survive kat saner cz u were my independant boboy! weee :) erm i got a text from syaz. dy ckp makin bnyak rintangan dlm relationship bkemunginan bley kekal kot. yeke? tah, idk! what  know is his just been to far from me now, and i hate it :-/

ok, thats enough jgn sedih2 sgt. tomorrow gonna be my 1st day of final exam, wish me luck readers! i am so freakaaaaaayy nervous! haha why? cz i still ta hafal skrip, sok amali kene blakon! :( sometimes i was like konpius either that i am taking the beuaty and hairdressing crse or drama class! LOLS :D

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