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15 September 2011

i hate it but hey i miss u!

enough said that i am totally totally totally spies! haha waklu, naa. aku totally tawar aty :( y? cse he gonna never makes me sedap hati. haha tade lahh, dun know, my heart just feel it the way so im just say iy :)

ya know, i dun wanna talk abt work, just da too tired. so watever happend just let it be, byw i miss u lahh, miss our happy moment. ya know when ur ex family treat u much better than anyone did, its just gonna make u miss ur ex even more!

ok aku rase aku tgh ta btol nih, haha! err watever it is dun compare people darling, no one is perfect but still they can work it out! :( so wat?? paham ta?? ta er?? hm sokay la, im off to work now, bye :(

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