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01 December 2010

happy birthday to my both pretiest sistah !

happy birthday to both my akak sengal.smlm birthday kak nana and awne birthday kak baby !
kak nana is isnt here cz she's celebrating her bday kat phuket with abg sani :(
suppose i also there but unlucky kan ade exam lerr pulok !but sokay,as long as akak happy im also happy and i wish that akak cpat2 kawen gn abg sani cz she already 28 LOL !!haha

kak baby awne da 27,waaaa tua da semua !hehe.and bila kak nana kawen pasnih im surely gonna miss her.sbb da tade geng utk jd kawan baik da.kak baby pun da kwen da ade ank.hmm da ta rapat cam dlu but still kite gila mcm selalu.hee.

well im lucky to have both of them cz they r always with me and support me aftaer mama da tade :(
but mama is always in our hearts ! :)
so,we r lucky to be the LISA's  

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