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02 December 2010


its not easy to being far from you but now i have to accept all this.
i will learn all this till the day u left me behind you :(
it is not easy,but i will make it easy for u..

now,i keep on counting the days,keep on counting cz i dun want to feel any loose.
everythgs amazing since i noe u,i do appreciate that.
the day that we share together u filled it with love,with laugh,with smile ;)
u always wanted the best for me,thats what make u special than others.
but after,my life surely lonely without you.

but sokay,i will b fine eventhough without u as long as u can achieve wat u want ;)
dun wori,im always behind u to support u !
im gonna be the one who always be there for u,i swear.
promise to u im gonna take gud care of myself as well as u oke ;)

alibaba 20/11/10 :(

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