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22 February 2011


balik awal tadi, lecturer lepaskan awal utk siapkan those assignment yg berlambak gila. antar nanad balik umah dlu sbb dy PMS, ksian lak na bg dy jln. then tapau mkn balik, mkn,on9, blogging. and lepas nih ingt na tdo jap b4 pegi class BI kul 2.30 nty. sempat ke? :(

td pagi dtg lambat lagi (biasalahh lisa, sape xknal.hehe) nasib miss ta soh marhaban lg mcm smlm. hehe. ermm td mlm kan i had a nitemare. i went to his hostel, then i saw a friend of mine. its like 'MYGOD, what were u doin here? my BF pun study cnie jgk.' lepas tuh dy wat muke tepu. then after i naik ataa, i saw my bf with other girl in a bed!!!!! is this fuckin hilarious or sumthing like hmmm.......??

than he ran into me, after few blocks, i stop and try to yelling at someone dat i didnt remmeber whom, tbe2 dgr suara DIA! dia dtg with her other frens and she try to beat me and slap me! cruel gile bley mmpi cmni plus last skali she ask her friend to delete my FB! haha part nih ta bley blahh gila lahh weyh!! :DD

tp because of this nitemare la i lambat pegi kelas oke awne! grr! oke la tuh jela kot na share for today. na sambung to jap, nty ptg g kls tade la mnyok sgt muke. and im waiting for him to text me, but poor me! mane tah dy ilang. dy nih ske ilang2 taw :(

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