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20 February 2011

happy 1 year and 10months anniversary baby boo :')

i did the stupiest things yesterday eventhough i always said to you dat i will never ever do that thing. but i already did to you. honestly, i not good enoughh for you now!

sayangg, klu ditakdirkan our relation ta lame, i will accept it. kesakitan yg akan kite terima cume kejap. tp sumpah dgn atas sume yg da terjadi amat  agak bersalah untuk terus bersama dgn awak. u too good for me syg, rily good! and i dun noe how come i can treat u like dis. i hate myself by doing this to u syg :'(

btw, happy anniversary sayang. i really love u syg. atas ape yg pernah kite lalui susah senang bsama it really makes me dun want to lose u.but lisa sekarang bukan lsia dulu yg awak syg sepenuh aty :'(
 i dun noe to whom i would share this, but sokay im gonna keep all this as my secret dat u will never ever know! 

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