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23 March 2011

Am i look like i care?

i never care about u i never hates u and i will never ever wants to care about u apetah lagi na anti kan so i dun get it why that statement bley ade? hahaha.

haishh let me see, na wat refreshment ade btol ke ta dgn ape yg dy ckp tuh. na ckp im the one who anti her sbb ape? sbb dy rase aku jelos dgn dy?? haishh knp plak na jelos gn die???? motifff???? hahhhhhh, org, kite tataw ape yg dy pk dlm kpale otk die. so the wateva!

am i look like i care about others?? haishh tah la, mcm2 org mcm2 ragam. kite tade ape pun gn die tp dy pun semak2 gak na nyampah gn kite but who cares??? i never had a problem with u unless u r the one who create a problem with me and now u making up a story abt me!

dun talk bad abot me, u dun even noe me as well pun! sabar semua org ade batas taw. but stil, biarlahh lisa ape org na cakap pun psal kau klu tuh je yg mampu wat dorg sume puas aty tp aku thu rasa sakit aty dorg tuh ta pernah hilang. kadang2 penat jgk pk cmne tanak bg dorg tuh ta sakit aty tapi life is too short to stress abt others actly so i choose to let it be :)

biarlah ape pun org na judge kite and bercerita sesuatu yg buruk pasal kite jnji kite knal and kite tahu sape diri kita yg sbnrnyer. yg penting kita bahagia gn diri kita ! i am so gratefull to have everything. a supportive famli, a good friends, an understanding BF what more do i have to think about??

dari sakit aty pk org lain baik laa ignore kan? 1 ari nty dy akan penat dy stop and akan sdar lahh betapa mnyesal nye die slame nih dok sakit aty with me while im so happy and havin my great life without thingking about her pun! hehe. well chayo chayo lisa. ok la na g kelas da nie. ok then,gudbye to all readers, bloggers,stalkers, followers!

actually it is good to be hated than u beeing a haters :)

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