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15 March 2011

we pray for you, JAPAN!

even heard about tsunamai n earth quake kat jepun? pity gila kan? teruk sehh, sedih sgt neok victims tuh sume, ag yg bebudak. haishh. pilu hati. dah la cmtuh, lagi pasal nukleur punye ape tuh yg bocor tuh? haa then da terbakar kan? but dun wori M'sia, it wont affect us. the text dat said came from BBC tuh exactly was a rumours! wahaaaaaaaaaa boo yah!

ok end of story abt japan. hm i was pretty exhausted lately. not enough sleep plus asyik pk je. haishh i really worried and thinking too much! i dun noe why but everything seems like ish sume ta kene lahh snang ckp :( tadi da dapat da kertas praktikal tuh!

Amagaddddddd! aku da nak g praktikal tp bley ilek2 chill ag kan! haha. aku konpius n peneng na pk g praktikal katne. ade 1 amer rekomenkan kat taman mawar, mcm ok la elaun yg dy bagi tuh. then kat pusat bandar, nanad rekomenkan. kdai abg li tuh la. lastly mmbe mui tuh! wahhhhhhhh! na yg tuh sbb yg tuh mcm famous amous sikit. hehe.

and noe wat mmg sumpah rase takot gila, pk na interview pe sume! wehh aku ta penah keje, takot sgt na mengalami rasa2 nervous tuh sume. haha! tkot nty tatahan praktikal kat saner. ag lak dpt gn org yg ta sbulu, walaaaaa mak, boleh kan wani benti? hehe.

tape2, but i cant wait to get through with it. sume ni pngalaman kan? cewahh makin bsar lahh sy skrg :) and my parents just got back from their holday! yeah, they havin a vacation WITHOUT ME! annoyed! but the worse part is, akak was in BRISBANE,aussie bebeh! sampai kan? sampai aty die. so i wall to her FB to buy sumthing for me. wee :)

so sepanjang this school holiday most of my time are spending at home with my beloved vegetarian bibik! hahaha. adoii ok dats for now. nty ade pape story will update later. but sedih kan? sume pegi holiday and i was left home alone :'( so sad. ok na tdo awal, nitey nite everyone  

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