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03 April 2011

if love couldnt hurt anyone feelings!

menghabiskan masa yang ada dengan lepak gn kawan2. kesu & the geng dtg jb straight away from kl taw :) so last nite lepak gn dorg skali syaz kat doremi then danga. ok la, layan kpale jugak. pagi baru balik. hehe! eala, bukan salu jmpe kn so sskali cmnih la masa utk dhbiskan shge lewat mlm :)

hm btw this month april kan? bestnyer, welcome april! hehe. afiq balik jb this month la. hmm! suke + sedih. well baby, im the one who keep hurting u but u the one who always makes me hurt! :'( ahh NVM! i never putus asa n everything on u. i love u bie :'(

i try my best to keep people around me feel happy though im suffer! but they never noe. but sokay, i never asked for anything but at least please understand me. sometimes words that come out from u very make me feel so sick ya know? 

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