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24 May 2011

look at me look at me!

look at me and tell me that i am no worth it to u anymore! tell me that u can live without me, tell me that u are readty to not hangin around without me, tell me that u are already erase me from ya mind! tell me, tell me, tell me !!

too many mistake, yeah i know. my bad! and i know trust is like an eraser, its getting smaller and smaller after every mistake! but ahh no point to salahkan org lain. what had happened is what we should face! ececehh  :P

ape yg cube sy sampaikan disini adalah ta kire lah berapa lama kawan pun klu da tade jdoh tuh tade gak laa kn. kite kene terima walaupun 24-7 ngadap, same2 spent time, always together but when GOD say no, still NO! sedeh dok? OBSOBSOB nasib ko la mak jah! huhu

ok laa na mndi, na g dovi amek baju n yg pastiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii na g beli cheezy wedges. aloloo why so sad my dear? wipe out your tear have fun ! at least smile :) yeah much better ! bubye readers! :)

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