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15 June 2011

I'd rather be wrong for all the right reasons than right for all the wrong reason!

i know its not easy to leave but i luv myself too much to stay and be hurt by the same things all over again & that is why i became a person who fakes smile to hide off my feeling. but when im say im MAD, i really mean it!

and now why im posting and bebeling about this? naa idk, maybe or should be im no longer in a relationship. hahhaha ok bye! erm 3 botol corona taw awne n td g lepak gn sha, ayonk n baby die. nia baby da bsar, but till dy ta pandai ag sebut mummy lisa :(

ouh ouh ouh n lepas kuar dr mcd td, nampak kete kat mcd yg drive thru tuh! guess who?? SNAP!! mui n his sibling, tetty n yan also ade! haha. so jmpe kjap. sedih, dorg na g kl bsok! tetty, lisa na ikot! but........................ BENGONG lah fashion show nih :(

comel ta baby sy? aww mummy lisha love u nia!

baby, too many memories dat we shared till i feel like dyin to accept that we no longer togther ! u might eeing that i hate u but the fact im missing u so much! :'(

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