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17 October 2011

setiap yang bernafas pasti akan terhenti jua !

these few days classmate zaman aku skola dulu dikejutkan dengan khabar pmergian ayah fyna pd 15hb lepas. terus smlm 16hb skli lg kitrg dikhabarkan dgn pemergian ayah kepada bad pulak dan bulan lepas, pemergian ayah baya! hmm how sad, im sori to hear bt this. aku cube lahh buat2 mls na amek port bukan ape aku tanak lahh sentap2 n nti gonna cry along too :(

aku tanak citer abt kematian but as a close friends, sama2 lah kite sedekahkan al-fatihah pd mereka sume, also to my late mom! ma, wani always love n miss u much no matter wat! every morning when i see our picture family all tgther i wish dat u still here with me, with us! all of us miss u! :(

now i only have k.nana je! she's the one who i cam rely on! yes i do have a friends, bff n etc but still whn i need somebdy no matter in wat time, shes the one who always by myside! givin advice n evrythg n now look at me, every single words yg akk ckp sume aku buat cse i know she knows what shes sayin. da bnyak kali aku degil ta dgr ckp but then hujung2 sume yg dy ckp jadi betol! dat time tagune aku na sedih meratap bgai lahh kn..

ahhh this life is too short bile ade depan mte sume kite tanak harga bile org da tade baru lahh na setap bgai. thats what i learn n thats what i can feel! bukan tuh jew even bcnte pun same, appreciate them while they still right with u. dun make them dissapointed. well i've been through so many things for ths few months. no mood na type ag da, ok bye! :-*

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